Friday, July 20, 2007

I think they're looking for his head

I shouldn't stoop this low, but really the possibilities are too good to pass up. From the BBC:
President George W Bush is to have a 'routine colonoscopy' on Saturday. More soon.

I've had one of these procedures (being of a Certain Age). They pump several stiff drinks' worth of sedative into you -- you're awake but "feeling no pain", as they say. And you're not allowed to drive or run machinery for 24 hours after.

Hmm....didn't say anything about running a country. I wonder if we'll notice any difference?

Contest time: In comments, give your one-line reaction to that headline (mine is in the Title).
Prize for the funniest one: I'll buy you a drink next time we're in the same venue. (Astute readers will note that I can avoid paying out simply by picking a winner in, like, Australia or something).
(And now I'll find out who really reads this blog)


arensb said...

I wonder if Cheney's hand will get in the way of the endoscope.

bPer said...

More colonoscopies for him, the sooner the better! If he's in a continual state of "feeling no pain", he won't be in a position to do more damage than he's already done.