Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Expelled: The Canadian Connection

Over at Monkey Trials, Scott Hatfield reports on the background of the people behind the ExcretedExpelled movie. That they all turn out to be evangelicals is no big surprise -- scratch an IDist, and you'll find a Christian creationist nine times out of 10. What's a little more interesting to me is the Canadian angle. I already knew that geek gazillionaire Walt Ruloff, who bankrolled the film, lives in BC, but this is news:
Co-founder A. Logan Craft is identified as a minister and TV producer on the American board of the Canadian Center for Cultural Renewal.
I'm a little puzzled why a Canadian center would have an American board, but the Centre's website shows it as having two boards -- a Canadian one and an American one. The whole thing looks a bit like a branch-plant operation of the Seattle-based Center for Science and Culture.

Perusing the Endorsements page I had a little shock: I found the name of someone I was in a fellowship group with, about 15 years ago (no, I won't tell you who, except to say that she was one of the more conservative members of that group).

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Andrew in Ottawa said...

Hi Eamon,

I notice another defeat for US creationists with the added bonus of another well-deserved courtroom humiliation for Michael Behe, blogged at "Pharyngula":

There has been no update for the Ottawa Creationist shindig, as evinced by the lack of a venue posted for their supposed kick-off event on April 1.

Maybe they're too rag-tag to pull it together, or maybe they don't want hordes of nasty reality-based folks at their events. Too bad; I promised my eldest a trip to Juby's Creationist sideshow before we check out the Darwin exhibit at the ROM in May.