Friday, March 21, 2008

When life imitates farce.....

Someone, please tell me this isn't just an effect of the bottle of Merlot I consumed tonight while watching the second Terminator movie. It's just absurd enough to be a dream occurring while Under The Influence. Here's the situation:

It seems that the ID propaganda movie Expelled: No Itelligence Allowed was shown tonight at the Mall of America in Twin Cities, WI.

It further seems that PZ Myers, flame breathing atheist and evo-devo-ist extraordinaire, together with renowned Trophy Wife and Blogging Daughter decided to see it.

To put the icing on the cake, Richard Dawkins happens to be in the neighbourhood on his latest book (and general rabble rowsing) tour. Being acquainted, they all (ie. famille Myers+Dawkins) decide to go see the movie together. Note that:
  1. Both PZ and Dawkins were interviewed under false pretences by the oh-so-truthful-Christian makers of this flick.
  2. Advance screenings of Expelled have been careful to, um, screen the attendees. Like, we wouldn't want any bad reviews, would we?
So they get to the cinema. And the rent-a-cop controlling the queue pulls PZ out and tells him he is persona non grata. That's right: PZ was Expelled from the cinema.

WTF? Someone who is in the movie can't go see the movie?

However, PZ's Trophy Wife and Blogging Daughter are, apparently, not on the the no-fly list, and are allowed in. But it gets better: since the icing is already on the cake, this would be like, the sugar swirlies around the edge, the pink roses in the corners and the candles: they didn't tell the rent-a-cops to look out for Richard Dawkins. Richard "Screaming Atheist" Dawkins.

So he got in. Dawkins. Got. In.

The combined stench of hypocrisy and incompetence wafts clear across two-and-a-half states, two Great Lakes and a good chunk of southern Ontario all the way to here where I can smell it. And I toddle off to bed with a belly laugh at these people. As Larry Moran says: now you know why we call them IDiots.

Tomorrow, I will awake to discover it's all a wine-induced dream, right? I mean, things that crazy don't happen in reality....


Eamon Knight said...

Before someone points out: yeah, Minneapolis/St. Paul is in Minnesota. I was thinking "Milwaukee" for some reason....

Actually, I was just checking to see who was paying attention!

AJ Milne said...

Re the Merlot... No, I can see it, too.

'Course, I've been drinking, too. But what are the odds it would be the same hallucination?

Seriously. I'm still laughing at this, more 'n a full day after first hearing of it.

arensb said...

PZ Myers, flame breathing atheist

That's a common misconception. Actually, he shoots laser beams out of his eyes.