Sunday, June 17, 2007

Religion vs. Sex: I Take It Back

Apparently, I was wrong about religion being so hung-up over sex.

Last week, it came out that the actor who plays Adam in a video that's part of AiG's Creation Fun House has a...OK, "regular job" isn't quite the right word, but: he's a gay porn star.

Hot on the heels of that: Billy Dumbstruck crows over the "growing number of non-religious ID proponents", linking (presumably as a shining example of such) to the blog of one William Brookfield, a self-described "citizen scientist" with no actual degrees (scroll down), and a fairly obviously crank theory called "pleasurian" (and contra Dumbski's claim that Brookfield is "non-religious": the first word on that page is "God"), which doubles as an advertisement for selling sex toys, and who is living with someone else's wife.

I take it all back: it seems that when it comes to pushing an agenda, some religious people aren't all that fussy who they, um, get into bed with. I mean, what's next? The return of flirty fishing? Jerry Falwell doing gay porn?

(Hat tip: Duae Quartunciae)

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