Monday, December 3, 2007

IKEA Treads Middle Ground in War On Christmas

While getting a haircut tonight, I heard the following commercial on whatever radio station the barber shop was playing. From memory:
For those of you who celebrate Christmas, IKEA has five-foot Christmas trees for only $20. For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, IKEA helps you bring the outdoors indoors with five-foot pine-scented air fresheners, also only $20.
Nice try, Ingvar: everyone knows the Swedes are a bunch of pagans, trying to inflict your Jul festival on the rest of us by stealth....


bPer said...

LOL! Sure beats some of the drek that's on this time of year.

Wanna bet IKEA doesn't dare run that ad in the Bible Belt?

Sue said...

Want to bet they do?? This is an amazing ad, especially with all of the grabage going on in Canada with us not being able to have symbols of Chistmas that we have had almost since the beginning of time. I love the idea of them telling them that it is a 5'air freshener. AMAZING!!! Good for them!!!