Monday, January 28, 2008

Mugshot #1

Take a good look at the grinning face at right. It belongs to a pompous, whiney lawyer who works at the Discovery Institute, named Casey Luskin. To demonstrate the pompous and whiney bit: he claims that he owns copyright to that photograph, and can forbid people from posting it on their websites.

However, as Tim Sandefur -- also a lawyer -- explains:
Luskin is, of course, a public figure who has voluntarily injected himself into a matter of national public dispute, and people using his photograph are not profiting in any way from doing so....
I don't know how well the legalisms translate across the USA-Canadian border, but I'm happy to join the small but growing chorus of bloggers posting his image -- just to prove we can.

My attempt at starting a Google Bomb follows:

Casey Luskin Casey Luskin Casey Luskin

If you post Luskin's picture, drop me a line so I can add the link.....
(Hey, it worked great on Michael Egnor)

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Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

OK, kewl, I'm in....Scott Hatfield