Sunday, March 9, 2008

12 days to spring?

Here in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada), it started snowing on Friday, and by the time it had stopped, early this morning, we had 51 more cm of snow, on top of the metre or so already on the ground. 2007-2008 has been the first "serious" winter for at least 10 years, and, while it may not end up being the greatest total snowfall, it certainly is the most accumulation I have seen since I moved here in 1980.

Here is the view out my front door; in the centre of the picture is a white globe - that's the top of a 5' high post mounted light.

Here's Eamon, finally tall enough to touch the roof:

The cats are normally kept indoors, but we let them out for a bit to check out the snow:

Unfortunately, we didn't have any snowshoes in the right size.

The good news is that all the extra winter precipitation is expected to replenish the Great Lakes, which have been at record low levels for the past few years - this photo was taken on the shore of Lake Superior in September 2007.

The bad news is that I can just hear all the AGW denialists: "51 cm of snow in March? So much for global warming, eh?"

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bPer said...

Nice pictures! Looks like your cats like the snow. Our two 10-month-olds (Grace and Ada) refuse to even go to the door! Our old cats (Briggs and Stratton) used to like to play in the snow as long as we were there too. Strange, considering that we used to drop them off the deck into the fluffy snow when they were being really bad. After a few such trips, a stern "Snowbank!" was all we had to say and they knew they were on thin ice.