Friday, May 23, 2008

DIY Comics

On Tuesday, the anonymous Author of Jesus and Mo left the dialog out of the strip and invited his (her?) readers to fill them in. I'll take that as permission to steal the artwork and get a blog-post out of it:
My feeble attempt:
Jesus: Our Creator hath abandoned us today, and left us with no words to speak!
Mo: And we can do nothing without him!

Barmaid: But didn't you both manage to get yourselves down to this pub, order drinks, and get through the whole first panel of dialog, all on your own?

[J & M ponder this for a moment]

Mo: Holy shit! We did!
See other contributions (some of which, I'm sure, are much better than mine) at the original site.


Anonymous said...

Jesus: Great taste!
Mo: Less filling!
Barmaid: Can't you two losers ever quit arguing over trivialities and show us some proof that that god you keep talking about actually exists?
Mo: Shit, JC, she got us again.

Vic said...

I'm not sure I get it. The cartoonist didn't give them any words to say. The barmaid points out that they managed to order drinks and get all the way through the first panel of dialog all on their own. So the cartoonist doesn't really exist?

Eamon Knight said...

I was trying to exploit the author-as-God theme to make a statement about the sort of person who piously proclaims that they're totally dependent on God, and can't get along without him.

(Look, there's a reason I don't write a regular comic strip OKAY? That, and I can't draw worth a damn.)