Saturday, June 28, 2008

AMC Advertising Appropriately

While looking up showtimes for Indiana Jones, I discovered that Expelled has arrived at our local movie-plex. Knowing what I know about the latter movie's contents (including stuff coming from the flick's producers), I am unlikely to see it. Not only do I refuse to enrich this bunch with the royalty from my ticket purchase, I've got more enjoyable and productive ways to spend 90 minutes of my life (like bathing the cats, or going to the dentist).

However, the AMC website blurb is worth seeing, just for the ironic humour value. Click here, choose the "Synopsis" tab, scroll down so you can see the ad below the text -- and watch (but do it before the ad goes away -- who knows how long this turkey will last?)


Die Anyway said...

The ad must have changed because I didn't see anything meaningful. I did however look through some of the reviews. "They" must have organized a review writing campaign. Something like 210 out of 220 reviews were positive and, having read them, seemed contrived. It's not as if we haven't PZwned a few polls so I can't blame them but it could fool a few people. Of course, based on box office take, it doesn't look as if they fooled very many.

Eat well, stay fit, Die Anyway.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the "Evolution of the Moviegoer ad?" 'cause that was pretty funny. :-)

Eamon Knight said...

I've posted a screencap summarizing the ad. The positive reviews I skimmed come from Americans ;-).