Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bus ads update

The motion to overturn OC Transpo's bus ad ban was tabled at the 4 March Council meeting, and will be discussed and voted on at the 11 March meeting.

There is an on-line petition here; we invite everyone to write letters to city councilors, at that site and also here

Some other ways you can help:


AJM said...

So I showed up at city hall for a bit in the morning, wore a shirt, sat around for about an hour--had to get back to work, tho'.

Fun was had. Paul the Singing Atheist spent a bit of time on a snowbank singing about freedom of expression, standing near some protesters from some evangelical church or other who'd also showed up, were standing outside with placards.

Theo Bromine said...

Thanks for coming out - hope you enjoy the T-shirt. Work prevented me (and Eamon) from attending the morning session, but we turned up in the afternoon in time for the vote. It came out 13-7 in our favour, so be on the lookout for the ads, coming soon to a bus near you!

AJM said...

I didn't keep the shirt--there weren't a lot left on the table when I left, and I figured since the day was still youngish I should probably leave it in case others showed later. So I peeled it off, stuck it back on the table--had just put it on over my own anyway.

(But hey... I'll take one if there are any left and you're trying to get rid of them.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you. Nice work, guys. Next time we meet, let me buy you a beer.

I must say, I'm a bit miffed at my councillor, Maria McRae, though. I wrote to all the councillors except Wilkinson (IMO she was a lost cause, and I was right) and Mayor O'Brien (I can't stand that sleezeball), and only McRae responded, saying she'd "seriously consider" my feedback. Then she apparently didn't show up for the vote. My impression of her, which was very favorable, just took a nose-dive.