Saturday, September 22, 2007

Would you like a little woo in your tea?

Stooging around Superior, Wisconsin on a cloudy rain-spittin' day, we stop in at a little book/coffee shop for our afternoon cuppa. The tea was good -- hot, in a little personal pot -- and we even stocked up on a favorite brand not available in Ottawa.

Having finished my tea, I began my mandatory perusal of the bookshelves (hey, there are way worse OCDs to have). As usual, I looked for the Science and/or Philosophy sections.

The closest they had was a "Spirituality" shelf, hawking among other authors and titles: newage guru Deepak Chopra, demonstrated psychic fraud Sylvia Browne, and The Secret. On the plus side (albeit bizarrely classified) was Forty Days And Forty Nights, Matthew Chapman's account of the Kitzmiller Intelligent Design trial. But altogether, a wee bit disappointing.

Also on the plus side, they had an anti-censorship display of books which have been banned, somewhere, sometime; appropriately wrapped in chains or enclosed in little jail cells.


Anonymous said...

reading while enjoying a cup of tea! i always read while sippingand brewing my own tea..

just like this morning i had a sweet keemun black tea from

Unknown said...

I can think of nothing better to do than have a cup of green tea and good book to read. I spend a lot of time browsing second hand book stores.