Monday, August 25, 2008

Two banjo players and a musician went to the Folk Festival

A few pictures from the 2008 Ottawa Folk Festival, held two weekends ago at Britannia Park.

Left is Riley Baugus, from North Carolina, playing and singing "old-time" style. He was traveling with fiddler Dirk Powell. I don't seem to have any pictures of them together, but they sure sounded good. On this particular stage he was teamed with Anne Downey (one-third of Finest Kind) who seems to taking her banjo very seriously.

Providing a little balance to this workshop was Tara Nevins, from Donna the Buffalo (warning: link triggers a long and apparently unstoppable music video!).

Anne Downey looks a lot happier back on her double bass:

Here's Anne in another workshop, flanked as is more usual by Ian Robb and Shelley Posen, doing their trademark a capella harmony (I think this song was "No More Fish, No Fishermen", to the tune of the hymn "See Amidst the Winter's Snows").

It was a great weekend, and I took around 370 pictures -- more of which as I get around to selecting them and wrapping some prose around them.

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