Sunday, September 7, 2008


It feels sort of surreal when you find your own jokes being used as serious arguments by other people. The other day I commented thusly at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, regarding Sarah Palin's foreign-policy experience:
Hey, she's spent most of her life and all of her career sandwiched between Roosha and Socialist Canuckistan! Obviously she's got lots of experience defending Amerika from it's enemies! Screw McCain -- Palin for Prez!
And wouldn't you know it? Today the ever-risible Denyse O'Leary, in defending Palin from a criticism by Ben Stein, raises exactly that point -- apparently in all seriousness:
Stein thought Palin couldn't handle foreign affairs or the economy. Hmmm. Palin's state sits between Canada and Russia - I wonder how many American states have two foreign neighbours?
Yep. Being off in the hinterland of your own country, with your nearest neighbours being the hinterlands of two other countries, being about as far as it's possible to get from the centres of power of any of those three countries -- according to Denyse, that counts as foreign policy experience.

Am I supposed to laugh or cry?


Tiana said...

I recommend doing some insane mixture of both. Forever.

ptet said...

I love the way Denyse gets a dig in at Stein for being Jewish too...