Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tentacled Horrors Invade Ottawa Pub!!

OK, really only a few toys and some geeks:
L to R: Epinephrine, bPer, AJ Milne, Eamon Knight, Theo Bromine
Table centre: Various cephalodic things, siezing firm control of the condiments.
Behind the camera: Nic (who doesn't read Pharyngula, but tagged along to offer the occasional insight from a Soc-Anthro perspective).

The beer was (of course) great. But for some bizarre reason the Clocktower doesn't serve calamari.


Anonymous said...

Hi EK,

It was great to finally meet you and Theo (and Nic too!). I hope we can do it again sometime.

The conversation was just about what I'd expected. Just like at Pharyngula, we seem to have quite eclectic interests. Everything from wireless telecom infrastructure to kids and cats. It was actually a bit surreal to me, hearing out loud the voices that until now had been just words on the screen.

For others reading this, the topic that generated the most discussion was (not unexpectedly) religion. Our backgrounds ranged from Theo's long journey from 'cultural Judaism' through evangelical Christianity to atheism, to Epinephrine's purely atheist upbringing. What a great group for such a discussion!

I couldn't believe the time when we wrapped up. What fun!

The photo turned out nicely (thanks to Nic). The flash did weird things to the octopus on the can, though. Didn't that one start out blue?

Many thanks to you all, and especially to Epinephrine for offering me a ride home. So far out of your way! Until next time ...


Eamon Knight said...

Yep, nice to meet everyone.
And no, that octopus is sort a greyish mottled pattern.
(But the tag on the pink one identifies is as a squid. Consensus was that it definitely looked more octopodal, though.)

AJM said...

Chiming in to say: yep, that was fun.