Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chronology of a Cold

Day 1: You feel like you're coming down with something.
Day 2: You definitely have a cold.
Day 3: You feel like you're gonna die.
Day 4: You wish you'd just hurry up and die already.
Day 5: You realize you're not going to die.
Day 6: You start feeling better.
Day 7: You're mostly better.
Day 8: Back in the pink of health.

Currently working on Day 5.....

1 comment:

AJM said...

Yeah, I figure I'm in the mostly better stage, now... But nursing two children at various stages between 'here it comes' and 'sick as a dog'...

I normally try not to overdo on the medicinal assistance, but I caved and hit the decongestants this morning, finally, realizing it'd probably be easier to fix lunch if I could also breathe... And damn, but it is nice to be able to smell the coffee after I've ground it, too.