Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a word....It's a face...It's pareidolia!

  • My parents were married on the ninth ofJune, six days after Eamon's birthdate.
  • Eamon's parents were married on the sixth of January, nine days after* my birthdate.
  • Our first son was born on November 24th, the anniversary of the publication of Darwin's origin of species.
  • Our second son was born on December 25, a day widely celebrated as the birthday of someone famous.
* but some years before


a) Absolutely nothing.


b) Humans are exceptionally talented at finding patterns, even when there aren't any.

For more evidence (of what, I'm not sure), check out these videos:

A person-shaped Cheeto that makes people think of an orange Jesus

A Cheeto that (to me at least) doesn't look much like a person at all

A floor drain stain that looks vaguely like a large, wide woman with a cloak

and, the pig that lives in my bathroom door:

hat tip and a chocolate chip to Greg Laden


Eamon Knight said...

That doesn't look at all like the orange Jesus I recall from living in college rez....

Anonymous said...

Aw, geez, Eamon, let's not go there. For us (Queens rez), it was "Purple Jesus" and "Orange Christ". Whatever you called it, it was a recipe for much stupidity followed by pain.

Theo, your door panel pig looks more like a seal to me, but it may just be the picture. Maybe bathrooms are special this way - our main bathroom has a tile floor whose tiles have a random pattern. I've found countless figures, faces, animals, etc. in the patterns while, ahem, sitting there. What I've found most interesting about it is that it depends on the angle too - I'd gaze over to the tiles by the door and see something, but when I'd try to find the same pattern in an identical tile nearer, I couldn't see it. Being an amateur astronomer practiced at mentally rotating and/or flipping patterns in my mind, I found this puzzling.

Eli said...

Wait, you mean there are examples of things that aren't indicative of a more fundamental, all-meaningful pattern? What a downer...